SMTP alert via Office365


I’m trying to set up SMTP relay via office365 using authentication. I’ve input everything I usually would however I’m getting an SMTP

Issuing Alert-UID #6/1: ; ; mail =>
ERROR: SMTP connect() failed.

Above is the settings we have configured for SMTP. Any help would be greatly appreciated

try on " How to deliver mail" change it to “Mail”

Thanks, Kevin.

I’m no longer getting the error when I test via CLI but I don’t actually receive a test alert? Also, when I actually use the ‘test transport’ option within the WebGUI - I don’t appear to be getting a test alert either? Any ideas?

Its something to do with settings you input. You could also try “SendMail” its in the list of Options under “How to deliver mail”

You can try debug with this
or check the logs.

Try turning on SMTP debug in includes/functions.php ($mail->SMTPDebug = true;). This setup will work - I’m also using office365 with mine.

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Are you using mail or smtp as the ‘How to deliver mail’? I presume SMTP?


I’m using smtp.

Are you sure you can reach that smtp server? Connect failed indicates you can’t.