prompting me to use --force, but not recognising the command?

Sorry to include such basic information in my post, but it’s pretty straight forward.

I’m getting this in my snmp-scan results.

You my try with the --force option to skip safety checks
Scanned Could not ping (

So I then, try this command.
./opt/librenms/ --force -t 2 -v error: unrecognized arguments: –force

I guess that kind of covers it entirely? Any idea? Is this just a small bug? or am I doing something wrong.

I’ve never used that script, but it looks like that information about --force is coming from its attempt to add the device.

Your LibreNMS server won’t be able to ping the device, so the only way to add it is with the force option of device:add. Ideally, get pings working and it will all work.

If you have to force, the script doesn’t look to have a way to let you do that easily. You could lnms device:add -f manually (Adding a device - LibreNMS Docs), or as a last resort perhaps add -f as another argument before the -g in the highlighted bit here and see how it goes:

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So I’m guessing the device, add command will recognise --force and the script is just reporting back output from that?

So the script doesn’t understand the command? Is that the gist of it? It’s just calling it and producing output?

Correct, that’s how it looks to me.

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