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First time poster so please be kind … I am running LibreNMS in a Docker have been running on Raspberry Pi’s etc. in the past. Not really an expert but my Router a DrayTek 2862ac doesn’t show a CPU value from SNMP - I have spotted the value within the sysdescr field:

SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = STRING: DrayTek Corporation, Router Model: Vigor2862 Series, Version:, Build Date/Time:Oct 18 2019 11:45:17, CPU Usage:14%, Memory Usage:55%

Is there anyway I can get this into the CPU and Memory graphs?

Thanks in advance

Not impossible but this value is not at all available in SNMP ?

Take a look at Polling via Telnet/SSH

No an SNMPWALK doesn’t show the CPU or MEM as separate items
Just in the SYSDESCR
I was hoping that I could pass that through something to extract the variable and insert into LibreNMS

Haha same issue as I’ve faced - I did try searching honest!!

Like suggestion in that thread be useful if from a pooler response it could run a script to extract the CPU/Mem and populate the data - or DrayTek pull their finger out and provide a decent SNMP!

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