SNMP TImeout on Extend Output beyond 1300 Bytes


one of my Systems (Storageserver) has a huge amount of Harddiscs which i monitor via SMART Application.
Also i drive a huge amount of Mdadm SW Raids which i monitor via Mdadm Application.

After reverse Engineering i found out SNMP seems to run into
“Timeout: No Response from ”
when returned String of SNMP Extend is above 1300 Bytes.
when reducing returned String, everything runs fine.

Does someone has a solution for this Problem?
E.g. increasing max Size of Extend String, or something like that?

thanks in advance

got it

it was a problem of Packet Fragmentation between different MTU Sizes

Server (MTU 9000) → Librenms (MTU1500)
reduced MTU on Server down to 1500, everything is fine

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