SNMP traps not working as expected

Hi all!
I need help with setting up properly SNMP trap handling. I have configured Arista device to send traps to the Librenms server. The snmptrapd is receiving the messages. With $config['snmptraps']['eventlog'] = 'all'; I see all the events in the eventslog and syslog.

When setting $config['snmptraps']['eventlog'] = 'unhandled'; I do not see, expectedly, the IF-MIB::linkUp traps for the interfaces in the eventslog… but…

The Alerts section in my dashboard does not update earlier with a proper Port status down alert. Only when the 5-th minute recheck of the devices is done the proper no/shutdown information propagates to LibreNMS.

Can somebody give me a hint what I am missing ?


Librenms Version 1.56-14-gca281ec - Wed Oct 09 2019 03:11:12 GMT+0300