Socomec and netvision 7.1

We have a customer with a socomec UPS with netvision 7.1

For learn the information via snmp i’ve modify the file includes/definition/netvision.yaml
os: netvision
text: ‘Socomec Net Vision’
type: power
mib_dir: socomec
- { graph: device_current, text: Current }
- ‘Net Vision’
- ‘NetVision7’

and also uploaded the MIB file in mobs/socomec

you can retreive the MIB file from the UPS

I hope to give a little help to someone :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicola_Buzzacchero
The file should be contributed via a Pull Request to the LibreNMS repository :
This is the only way for you (or your customer) to continue enjoying the automatic updates.

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And we’ll of course help you to ensure the contribution is complete and ready to be merged.

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