(Solved!)Removed and readded device, now Syslog doesn't report the host name

Pretty much what the title says… see screenshot

I had added the device as No SNMP to begin with, it was reporting syslog just fine with the host name attached
I removed the device to add it with SNMP, which I could have done differntly, but didn’t think about it at the time
Readded device with SNMP, now Syslog is still coming in, but with no host name.
Tried removing it and adding it sans SNMP again, did not work
Renabled SNMP, rediscovered the device, still no host name with the syslog… Please help.

On a hunch I changed the device ID in the DB back to what it would have been the first time I added it. and then the syslogging was matching up again and displaying. but i lost all the other info associated the machine.

Anyway i can run an SQL query to change anything related to device id 17 to 15?

Never mind, changed the device ID and rediscovered the device,
all good now

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