Some devices are detected as generic some correctly but same type of hardware

Hello everyone,
i have a strange behavior of our LibreNMS here:
We have multiple Barracuda F180 in our network. Some are discovered correctly, some are shown as generic device. Alle Firewalls are configured the same way for snmp.

Here one Generic discovery:
And one working discovery:

Same problem with one Cisco ASA, all devices are discovered correctly except one single device.

Some ideas/suggestions how to fix that?

Please post ./validate.php


Are they using same firmware version?

Jup. Same FW version and the config is cloned (except networking)

While your working F180 return Barracuda NG Firewall F180 for sysDescription, the one who doesnt work return Barracuda F180.

From the barracudangfirewall.yaml

    - sysDescr:
        - Barracuda Firewall
        - Barracuda NG Firewall

So there is why is not working.

Just add - Barracuda F180 to the yaml and you are ready to go.

Please, if that works (and it should), be nice and PR your changes, so everybody could benefit from that.

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thank you a lot! Adding the devices fixed the problem. I also added “Barracuda F400” and “Barracuda F600c” and they are discovered correctly as well.

When you tell me what you mean with PR and how i can do this, i will publish my changes. Its the first time for me to upload a fix.

No problem dude!

Check this for contributing to LibreNMS

If you need more help, join our discord and ask for help there!