Some Ports on device show dBm value only some Ports, how to fix it?

Hi @teeranan
You give a very limited amount of information on your device, we’ll have to guess… I would say that only one port in your chassis has an SFP installed with DOM support :slight_smile: If you add SFPs with no DOM support, they won’t provide values, and LibreNMS won’t show anything.
If you added an SFP with DOM support, then you need to discover again the device (or wait until the regular discovery takes place).

Thank for reply @PipoCanaja

I think my SFP is support this. It’s can show transceiver detail
I will show my inventory

This port Te1/5/4 show in LibreNMS

And other ports

Example port Te1/1/2 can same show transceiver

Then I try tcpdump on my LibreNMS Server and sniff it. When LibreNMS is polling.

This oid port Te1/5/4, LibreNMS get-request to my device and device can response.

And this oid for port Te1/1/2, It can’t find anything and not find request from LibreNMS

My server can snmpwalk this device, and can see all ports.

This value from snmpwalk for port Te1/5/4 and Te1/1/2

I don’t know how to fix it. Would you like more information?

Thank you very much.

Do a debug rediscovery and debug poll of the device and see what it says, should show you what it’s tripping on. CLI ./discovery.php -dv -h x.x.x and ./poller.php -dv -h x.x.x.x or WebUI Capture:

Use pastebin if you need to share them: or ./

Thank for reply @rhinoau

I can’t disclose all information, I took a closer look. Where if you want can tell me more. I just running discorvery.php and poller.php

The result is as follows.

./poller.php , I see only one port


Thank you.

Please run :
./discovery.php -d -v -h <ID> -m sensors and show as much as possible so we can check.

The capture you show above is from module inventory, not sensors. So this is normal that you don’t see sensors discovered. Please also check in the GUI that the sensors discovery module is enabled.

@PipoCanaja This log from ./discovery.php

in GUI my device, The sensors module is enable both poller module and discovery module.


Thank you.

Log from ./discovery.php LibreNMS Discovery - LibreNMS

Unfortunately, error 404 on the link you provide. Could you check ?


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