Sonicwall G7

I have been recently informed by Sonicwall support that the G7 OS Sonicwall devices do not support many OID’s - thereby it’s likely we have to add them as a new object to LibreNMS, the problem is I have no idea how to do that. I’m not super great at SNMP, nor programming, nor anything else regarding this, I’m a network engineer and I’ve been happily using LibreNMS as a user for a long time. Haven’t had to do anything like this ever before.

The info I have is that the G7 Sonicwalls do not support the following OIDs: - - - - - - - -

(be kind, I may have transcribed some of those incorrectly, as they provided me with a picture of the OIDs not a text copy, so I had to write them out - I can post the picture if that helps).

IMO, since LibreNMS works so well with G4/G5/G6 Sonicwalls, my inclination would be to create a new discovery object for G7+ Sonicwalls, which exclude the above and include all the relevant OIDs for the G7 series - my problem is I don’t have any idea where to even begin to do that. The MIB files for Sonicwall haven’t been updated for years (2017-2019), but I’m not sure how old the MIBs currently in LibreNMS are.

Sonicwall support has been rather flaccid on the matter and told me this information and how to add custom OIDs to monitor the device which is not ideal for me at all. I want to fix this not only for myself but for all my other Sonicwall admins out there.

Can anyone assist me with the process and procedure to integrating the new MIBs to LibreNMS and how to integrate the MIBs and merge into the upstream branch? I have a LibreNMS install that I can work with presently monitoring both G5/G6 and G7 Sonicwalls. Nothing is lacking there.

I believe in open source, community driven projects like this, I want to contribute to the cause but I have no idea how. Thanks in advance for any advice that can be provided. Current copies of Sonicwall MIB files, screen shots, etc. provided by request - pretty much ask for it and I’ll get it to you.

Without know what those OIDs are, we’d have to trawl through and convert them to figure it out.

What’s not working exactly for the G7 devices?

I can do the legwork, no issues on that. I just haven’t had time to work through it yet. But I’ll go through and Identify the OIDs, I can put that on my task list for this.

The short answer for what’s not working with G7 devices is: everything.

When adding a G7, I get basic stats (hostname, make, model, etc), but nothing more (CPU, port stats, etc). Occasionally, LibreNMS will pick up memory usage, but that’s it. It generally just fails outright when polling.

Discovery works, but polling is 99% of the time, just a huge failure. No ports show up in LibreNMS, no CPU or memory stats, no throughput numbers, no temps or health stats. basically everything polled is failing, outside of discovery.

Ok then it’s worth following our docs for adding a new OS, or providing the test data for the device so someone else can try and add the support.