Sonicwall ssl vpn licenses

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I have a sonicwall appliance and it’s working fine for network, memory and cpu monitoring. I’d like to have a history of the ssl vpn licenses in use. I’m using the latest ‘daily’ librenms and standard config files. I see there is a sonicwall os defined, which explains why I’m seeing the stats I have:

os: sonicwall
text: SonicWALL
type: firewall
    - { graph: device_bits, text: Traffic }
    - { graph: device_processor, text: CPU }
    - { graph: device_mempool, text: Memory }
            - .

There are also mib files for sonicwall already bundled in librenms, in particular, I’m looking at mibs/sonicwall/SNWL-SSLVPN-MIB and want this metric:

activeUsers OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX      Integer32
    MAX-ACCESS  read-only
    STATUS      current
    "Active user sessions"
    ::= { sslvpnSys 8 }

So how do I get my librenms installation to monitor that value?


As sonicwall is already detected, you have to create the includes/definitions/discovery/sonicwall.yaml and for what you want, I guess it will be a Health sensor of type Unit

Seems the discovery file was deleted when support was added in via php

@marvink87, do you have any pointers as to what I need to do? Hoping to monitor ssl license usage.