Sonus: Operating System showing up as Generic device

So, I have been looking around trying to find out why this device has not been pulling information. My understanding is that this issues was already addressed, but I don’t see why I am having problems if this problem was fixed.

  • Updated Sonus SBC os detection #6241 (#6243 4)

How have any of you addressed this when you have encountered this issue? I ran across the steps to add a new OS, but since that was already done this does not seem to fit in that category.

Anyone familiar with the process on how I can get LibreNMS to recognize my OS and monitor my SBC Sonus devices?

You have not provided any information. LibreNMS already supports Sonus SBC OS.

Please supply this information:

I already have that information for you, here you go:

I already know that Sonus is supported, hence my problem. If Sonus is supported then why am I seeing it as a Generic Device?

This is what I am seeing: