Sophos XG v18 Discovered As Linux


Since upgrading my Sophos XG to firmware v18 it seems to be being detected as a standard linux device. Before the upgrade running firmware v17 it was detected as a sophos firewall. Anyone else had this happen?


Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Olie,
that is correct. Since V18, the SNMP info changed completely.
Note that the OID has changed from . to .

A new MIB file has been released. New SNMP take advantage of much more info about licenses, users connected, services status, hw status etc.

Just need someone to create a new device into LibreNMS development.

I’ll try if I’ll find the time.

Best regards


I’m looking into, to prepare Librenms to support it.
However see this discussion on some issues on this MIB / snmp

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Has anyone managed to get this working?

just added basic support for Sophos XG V18.
Hope this help all Sophos users…

Appreciated any help for understanding how to customize .yaml files to complete with many other info, such as license status, wifi status, counters, etc

Just want to say THANK YOU @corsoblaster for getting this started!

I’m not sure how to help with the items you asked about, but just having the XG’s show up properly is a big help for us!

I discovered there are many snmp info regarding licensing, services, wifi, etc
I would like to add detailed sensors states, but I’m not aware about yaml configuration and programming.
If you know someone who can help, we can complete the Sophos XG management.