Space tab not visible anymore for FreeBSD!

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We’ve encountered that Disk space graph is no more available for new FreeBSD nodes which we recently added on LibreNMS. We’ve also enabled unix-agent but disk space graph is not there any more while old nodes can be seen with space graph. Here you can see the screenshot :-

Thanks in advance !!


try running a discovery debug on that device. (Replace the HOSTNAME with your device name.) See in the output if finds the disk.

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d


Here it is :


Looks like its only discovering one disk. and you said it found it before?

SQL[e[0;33mSELECT `storage_descr` FROM `storage` WHERE `device_id`  = '30' AND `storage_type` != 'dsk'e[0m]
SQL[e[0;33mSELECT * FROM `storage` WHERE `device_id`  = '30'e[0m]

try running ./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -m storage -d

Yes, it is finding storage for existing FreeBSD nodes but not for newly added anymore . Here is the output of command :


Any help please ?

I would check the snmpd config for that device make sure you no restrictions.
check this too ->

Problem is not if some storage device not showing up, problem is Disk storage Tab is nowhere.

I’ve updated snmp from _14 to _17 and looks like storage is shown up now :slight_smile:
5.7.3_14 -> 5.7.3_17

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