Space tab not visible anymore for FreeBSD!


We’ve encountered that Disk space graph is no more available for new FreeBSD nodes which we recently added on LibreNMS. We’ve also enabled unix-agent but disk space graph is not there any more while old nodes can be seen with space graph. Here you can see the screenshot :-

Thanks in advance !!


try running a discovery debug on that device. (Replace the HOSTNAME with your device name.) See in the output if finds the disk.

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d


Here it is :


Looks like its only discovering one disk. and you said it found it before?

SQL[e[0;33mSELECT `storage_descr` FROM `storage` WHERE `device_id`  = '30' AND `storage_type` != 'dsk'e[0m]
SQL[e[0;33mSELECT * FROM `storage` WHERE `device_id`  = '30'e[0m]

try running ./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -m storage -d

Yes, it is finding storage for existing FreeBSD nodes but not for newly added anymore . Here is the output of command :


Any help please ?

I would check the snmpd config for that device make sure you no restrictions.
check this too ->

Problem is not if some storage device not showing up, problem is Disk storage Tab is nowhere.

I’ve updated snmp from _14 to _17 and looks like storage is shown up now :slight_smile:
5.7.3_14 -> 5.7.3_17

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