Spark integration

I’m trying to get alerts going with Cisco spark. I’ve found it in the alert settings and they require two parameters, API token and room id. The room id is no problem however I can’t figure out where I should get the API token. I’ve looked in the docs sections but all they tell me is to go to Neither of these URL give me any additional help either, I simply don’t understand where I should find the API token. If I login to spark I get new tokens everytime I login. Anyone that have more detailed guidelines? Thankful for any help that can be provided.

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I’m currently trying to figure this out as well. I was able to get my personal API token at and logging in with my Spark credentials. I can successfully now test the transport in Libre, and the test message does post to my Spark room. But I have not been able to get any Alerts to successfully send to Spark, so trying to figure out that part now.

Check your alerts templates for errors.