Stacked/cumulatie 3phase power graph

I’ve got a simple discovery YAML that plots the kWh power consumptions for each of the three phases (L1, L2 and L3) of a rack power measuring unit. Is there an easy way to specify that these three should be shown stacked ? Or to add these up within the YAML – or does that mean custom php code ?

Hi @dirkx
Basically, with sensors, values are accessible individually, or by group of the same sensor type. But this group is not stacked, only superimposed. There is no way to display them stacked currently, and it would need a specific graph view page which would have to be added (without changing the current display) or a big change/extension of the YAML file to specify sensors that should be displayed stacked.

Thanks - that was very helpful - solved it for now with a custom extension just for this type of sensor.

Hi @dirkx
Good to read. Please don’t hesitate to open a Pull request and submit your changes.

  • You’ll share it with others with the same need
  • Your LibreNMS instance will not break if the file is upgraded by somebody else.