Stacked Style Graphs

Guys, will there be support for MRTG style graphs and not inverted ones aka negative for upload.


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Yes, I’m also interested about that. Librenms is a wonderful tool for network monitoring and its must necessarily to have this functionality.

This is now supported. Please check our docs for config options.

Can’t see it anywhere in the docs ;(

First, update your install. Then you should see the option in the Web UI under Global Settings → Web UI Settings → Graph Settings.

I enabled the Use stacked graphs but it says on the upper right corner ERROR: no confg item?

Paste this into mysql:

INSERT INTO `config` (`config_name`, `config_value`, `config_default`, `config_descr`, `config_group`, `config_group_order`, `config_sub_group`, `config_sub_group_order`, `config_hidden`, `config_disabled`) VALUES('webui.graph_stacked', 'false', 'false', 'Display stacked graphs instead of inverted graphs', 'webui', 0, 'graph', 0, '0', '0');
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Sweet that worked! Love the stacking!
One thing I did notice was the In kinda hides behind the out data if the out data is higher than the in data
Mahalo @laf or helping!

@crcro added this :slight_smile: