StartLink dish

I want to add support for StartLink (at least traffic metric).
However, I want to implement everything in Python (as I will use Python library to get data) and add only PHP code that will get data from python and put it into DB.

Is is acceptable?

I’m not the big boss of LibreNMS, but I don’t think this will be acceptable. Having Python code next to PHP would imply LibreNMS has to make sure the Python setup on each installation is correct, so the installation process and documentation will need modifications, the validation script needs work, additional CI/CD tests need to be implemented, etc, etc.

Sounds like a ton of work to add a single device just because you don’t want to use PHP.

I’m guessing you mean StarLink instead of StartLink… StarLink doesn’t seem to have SNMP. So SNMP is out… What is left is a LibreNMS application:

But again… This will have to be written in PHP