Stop working after update: Web auth behind HTTPS proxy



We are using a BIGIP load balancer to proxy and balance two servers running librenms. The load balancer has a wilcard ssl cert, so the service is something like

Two servers running Nginx (plain HTTP) and php-fpm holds librenms.

Everything worked fine until the last update. The problem is that Librenms is now generating absolute urls with HTTP instead of relative URLs.
UPDATE: this is happening in login page, where the forma action is set at http instead of https, despite how we set ‘base_url’.

We have tried inserting X-Forwarded-Proto at proxy level, but it doesn’t resolv the issue.
It’s supposed that laravel has a middleware for proxies?

We need to proxy requests from HTTPS to HTTP. Its there some config o workaround that we can use to fix this?


Seeing the same issue. Some fix was applied,see below, bit it doesn’t fix it for me: