Strange networking issue when restarting particular VM

this is maybe not librenms related, but I’ve no idea where else to ask and it was lnms that led me to discover it.

For whatever reason when I restart the VM that runs my NAS, 3 raspberry pi hosts (including the nms itself) show down (snmp/icmp) and return with the boot up of the nas VM in librenms event log.

My network hierarchy is like this:
Router connects only to 24 port managed switch, every wired device including the 3 raspberry’s in question connects to it’s own port. Even the VM with the nas does, as it uses pci passthrough’d 4x1Gb nic with lacp configured on both nas and switch with 4 cables connecting to their respective lagg group port on the switch.

Nms event log shows the LAG ports correctly going down/up on the reboot, the raspberry’s port remain unchanged, but the raspberry’s themselves immediately show as snmp/icmp unreachable in nms. However 1 of the raspberry’s is the nms itself, and the other 2 are the dns servers for the network and they keep working as internet browsing works while the vm restarts and the nms itself obviously works and is reachable too since I was able to take the screenshot.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this welcome!