Strange UDP traffic pattern

I have an Epson TM-L90 receipt printer with an connection that I recently found has been disconnecting from the network every so often recently. The first few times I just rebooted the device and left it at that. After a while I decided to look at the Librenms graphs for the the device if I could see a pattern and I could. The pattern I am seeing is relating to the UDP traffic that seems to over time build up and eventually the devices ethernet interface gets overwhelmed and shuts off. This is what the graph looks like:

None of my other devices have such weird traffic and has only started in the past couple of months. I have tried the following:

  • changed ethernet cable
  • change switch port
  • updated firmware of the devices ethernet module

Not sure about the device settings, but at moment i would assume RRD Graph is defined as “value” and not as “Counter”. Someone has to take a look into Graph/Device definition.
For short: maybe a bug in Graph definition for this device

Hi SourceDoctor,

Thanks for your input. I have isolated the receipt printer on its own vlan and the traffic has dropped significantly and is staying flat. I guess there is something on our default vlan that our receipt printer is not liking, possibly some strange broadcast traffic.