Stuck at Create Admin User

I just installed LibreNMS in a Docker container on unRAID. The image installed fine and is communicating to the db. When I went to the Web UI the first time, it prompted me to create an Admin User. I did so (without any errors), but now I can not get past this screen.

The URL keeps getting redirected back to: /install/user

I have installed it three times now with the same results. Any help getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated!


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Not sure - I haven’t used unraid personally. Have done a handful of docker LibreNMS installs though.

This is just a guess, but I’d suggest double checking that your Docker volumes are configured correctly for the LibreNMS container. Could be that the admin user you create can’t be saved to the DB and the onboarding script gets stuck in a loop.

Have you had success hosting other applications on Unraid? I had a quick look at their docker documentation, and it looks like there’s some unraid-specific considerations:

I checked on the account by trying to use the “adduser” script, and it told me that the account was already present. I’ll keep playing around with it to see if I can figure out what is going on.

So this is interesting. I rebooted the UNRAID server, and now its working fine. When in doubt, turn it off an back on again!


Nice, classic fix. Glad to hear it’s working, and best of luck! :wave:

Restarting the Docker containers helped me as well. Thank you! This issue seems to have been introduced in some new container version, as both the official Docker Compose config template and my Docker Compose config that has been working fine previously now have this issue when installing on a new server.

Probably the ui needs some improvement, but you need to click to the next step:

Thanks for the reply. I did try that, but nothing happened until I restarted the docker container. That appeared to have fixed the issue.

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