SuperMicro X10-series BMCs

SuperMicro X10-series BMC management interface, in this example built-in to an X10SLL-F motherboard used as part of a SYS-5018D-MF bare-bones server.
I believe all the X10 Intel-based motherboards have this same ASpeed/ATEN-based BMC.

The SNMP implementation uses additional vendor-specific MIB from ATEN, found at:

./discovery.php -h -d |./ => Untitled - LibreNMS
./poller.php -h -r -f -d | ./ => Untitled - LibreNMS

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snmpbulkwalk -OUneb -v2c -c public . | ./ => Untitled - LibreNMS
ATEN MIB from SuperMicro => Untitled - LibreNMS
SuperMicro logos => Brand Guidelines | Supermicro

My BMC runs firmware v03.80, with Redfish v1.0.1. Its SNMP implementation has at least one bug, as running snmpwalk (or snmpbulkwalk) produces errors like:

Error in packet.
Reason: (badValue) The value given has the wrong type or length.
Failed object: .

but that doesn’t seen to stop the snmpwalk.