Support for Cambium/Ceragon Microwave radios

We have new High speed radios on our network and are having trouble getting the graphs etc to work properly as the MIBS for those radios are no in Librenms.
We would like to request if we supply the MIB’s that they be added to a future release.

I also have some Rack mounted Lithium batteries that I have MIB files for but have had no success in adding manually to our installation.

hi @Jason_Green

best way for asking about new device is to attach snmpwalk from terminal


snmpwalk -Cc -One -v1 -c public . > out.snmpwalk

and paste into
this way if someone is willing to give it a try, could use this output in simulator
and yes, link to MIB files

note the space between 88 and .(dot at end)

Roger thanks will try.