Support for Cisco 9800 WLC


I would like to submit a feature request for support with the Cisco 9800 WLC. These are new controllers that run on IOS-XE instead of Air OS. I am able to pull SNMP data from basic functions but not most of the wireless data like clients, AP’s, and SSIDs. I appreciate your consideration on this request.

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Hi @josephgengler
LibreNMS is a community project, and usually, the people that are more likely to implement support for a device are people who own them … And people without your device will lack most of the information needed to do it.
So if you have a 9800 WLC, you are encouraged to add the support for it.
Entry point in the documentation is here :

If you don’t want/cannot do it yourself, you should at least provide the required information :
This would allow somebody else to do the work for you.