Support for Intel Node Manager over IPMI

ipmi-oem exposes OEM-specific IPMI commands. A useful subset, applicable to newer Intel platforms, is the Intel Node Manager API. According to the man-page:

[It is] confirmed to work on Intel S5500WB (Penguin Computing Relion 700), Inventec 5441/5442 (Dell Xanadu II/III), Quanta S99Q (Dell FS12-TY), Quanta QSSC-S4R (Appro GB812X-CN), Supermicro X9DRi-F, Intel S2600JF (Appro 512X).

Capabilities can be queried via to programmatically check if a platform is supported. This allows for power consumption and temperature to be graphed, independently of the operating system.

Since IPMI is already supported, I think the feature should be embraced and receive feature updates to stay relevant.

Any objections?

I would be happy to submit a PR.