Support IETF Streaming Telemetry and OpenConfig gNMI for performance monitoring


Modern network devices OS versions support other methods than SNMP for performance monitoring like: IETF Streaming Telemetry [1] and OpenConfig gNMI [2].
Both of them use Google Protocol Buffers [3] as container for data models but different transport, device with Streaming Telemetry pushes monitoring statistics to NMS itself without any requests but only using configured RPC on device itself [4] and gNMI uses request-response model there NMS request specific OpenConfig gRPC from device and network device send response in gRPC format [5]
Here is example of configuring this on Juniper devices [6] and example of vendor specific (Juniper) system for collecting
Streaming Telemetry data [7]

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Definitly go for it. YANG/OpenConfig/model-driven-telemetry seems to be SNMP-done-right.