Supporting Raspberry Pi/Rasbian

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for developing this wonderful system!

I volunteer at a local children’s hospital, where we use about 80 raspberry pis for various kiosk functions - Displaying weather, web surfing, information, etc. A lot of these pis run into heat issues (poor enclosures/mounted to an already warm TV, etc). As we don’t have a ton of funding, we try and get to the worst ones and add fans, etc.

I had an idea to use LibreNMS to monitor all of these pis - and hoped to extend snmpd with a couple of OIDs - one for cpu temp and one for GPU temp. The ones with the highest trends, we could cool (or even just move) sooner than later.

So - What would be the best way to add these OIDs to my LibreNMS installation? Should i make a custom OS config for Rasbian and then just define the temperature OIDs, or is there a better way to go about this?

Thanks for your input!

On my phone so short reply

Oh. Wow, thank you! I thought i had thoroughly searched the docs.

Much appreciated!

No worries, good luck with it :slight_smile: