Supress downstream alerts

I want to suppress downstream alerts.

For example, Device A is owned by Device B. If Device B goes down, I do not want to receive alerts about Device A. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the device dependencies. I have those setup the way I want them. However I need things to go a step farther. I dont want alerts on any devices behind a device that is down. In my example above, if B goes down I dont even want to be alerted about A. Why get inundated with emails about A and B, when only B is down? Does LibreNMS have the ability to be configured like that?

Or is the better question this? Will I get alert notifications for A if B is down? Does LibreNMS automatically suppress the alerts of the child device?

Device dependencies is only used for alerting.

However, the order devices are polled in will affect the outcome. This is a known issue.

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