Switchmap style functionality / vlan and port device reports

I’ve been using switchmap for years to get a quick overview of available ports and what ports are in what vlans. It was designed for Cisco and hasn’t been updated for years.

I’m getting new switches and v 13.1 no longer reports on the vlans and 14.0 doesn’t like the new switches at all.

I don’t know if this could be integrated on the ports search page to filter by vlan and show fdb info or a separate page.
Update the fdb search to filter on the status such as green stars indicating most likely end switchport.
I think switchmap has some sort of OUI looking as it lists several manufactures beside the mac address.
As we are going through the network upgrade I’m using it to pull a report and see a phone is in a phone port AP in an AP port, CCTV, data etc. I’ve found many mis patched devices based on mac.
Also to get an overview to make sure vlans are in the correct places.

I think all the underlying functionality is already built, it just needs a UI added to present the information.

Thank you