Syslog / oxidize from secondary poller

I have two pollers which is getting info from different network, PollerA & PollerB
My mainserver(Main Poller) runs syslog & Oxidize, so far so good with Graphs and monitoring stuff… now i want to send syslog from devices under PollerA and PollerB,
If i point device syslog as PollerA Address, PollerA is not a syslog server, so it won’t be accepting it,
If i send syslog to public IP address on my main server, it won’t recognize it,

i need to do same thing from Oxidize as well, any idea?

FYI, these questions don’t really have anything to do with polling.

Forwarding the syslogs would probably work.
Not sure about oxidized. Probably need a VPN.

Hi Murrant,

Thanks for it, can you please let me know how to fwd syslogs?


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