Syslog Retention Not Applied

Issue opened on Github ->

Really no info is needed to replicate. I have a LibreNMS install with no distributed pollers being used. I have syslog installed setup and functioning with LibreNMS after following the docs for the install and configure.

My host has a massive amount of syslog entries however it does not clear out the entries overtime. I’ve even set the retention day to 1 and it did not clear any bit of the log size.

I was told to run daily.php with -f and -d and bellow are the outputs:
php daily.php -f syslog - Does nothing and nothing is outputted
php daily.php -d syslog - Outputs “DEBUG” and does nothing
php daily.php -d -f syslog - Also outputs “DEBUG” and does nothing

Nothing fails on validate and everything besides this growing size of logs works great.

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