System keep giving up and down status

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My system keeps giving me up and down status within just 5 mins.

Any guidance for me to solve this issue.

Is it, that the devices are actually down? Or does the ICMP response just come back to late? Or does the first ping result not come back at all and only with the second ping the answer comes back? I would suggest further analysis before any action. The problem could be in Your network.

Well, in my case, I traded off time resolution for not having false positives: my alert rule has “Max alerts: 1”, “Delay: 6m”, “Interval: 0”

From the documentation: the SNMP poller (my assumption: ICMP ping goes with it) runs in default every 5 minutes. Setting a delay of 6 minutes before alarming gives the system the chance to do another poller run (and ping) and therefore resolving the status.

(addition: I switched the alert rule for “Device Down” to ICMP only, as the roundabout 80 PSUs I’m monitoring right now, sometimes have a “bitchy” behaviour in answering to SNMP requests.)

Thanks a lot for your help. Possible is my network, it could be duplicated ip. Anyway I edited the alert rule too. So far it has been working fine.