Telegram reject to send out alert because "error_code":400,"description":"Bad Request: message is too long"

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I have setup the Telegram transport and success to send out test message and some of alert rules is success but some of rules set was generate a too long message to caused Telegram reject to send out , here is the error message when try to run test-alert.php , it is possible to limit the send out message size.

Error message sample

string(21) “API ‘’ returned Error”
string(8) "Params: "
string(86) “Return: {“ok”:false,“error_code”:400,“description”:“Bad Request: message is too long”}”
ERROR: HTTP Status code 400

What alert rule is causing this and also what alert template?

The alert rule purpose is search the syslog and catch some login information sending from firewall, but the syslog message contain too many information, the select * statement will caused the Telegram reject to send due to message too long, I think if limit the output content within a few hundred when select * , it should be enough.