Teltonika RUT955 router not being discovered properly


We are adding the Teltonika RUT955 router to LibreNMS (about 50) RUT955 - LTE RS232/RS485 Router | Teltonika Networks

However it doesn’t appear correctly into LibreNMS, it sees it as just a Linux server.

What we see:

If I run a mib walk based on your discovery.yml which might be the issue:

snmpwalk -v2c -c iVision

iso. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

This looks ok though:

snmpwalk -v2c -c iVision
iso. = STRING: "RUT9XX_R_00.06.07"

What is also missing the routers light sensor info:

Light Sensor info - OID =

I can poll it though

snmpwalk -v2c -c iVision
iso. = STRING: "0.77"

Please advise

It means it doesn’t match the criteria in

Patches welcome

So what needs to be done here please?

Your sysDescr does not contain “Teltonika” so perhaps remove that from the definition.

sysObjectID is not an oid you can can snmpget it is just an identifier. happens to be the generic Linux sysObjectID.

So I just remove the ‘sysObjectID’ from your rutos.yml file?

NO, remove sysDescr line. If that works, send a pull request.

Done and then run a rediscover on 1 of the routers?

Yes, but you need to enable debug -d to clear the OS cache.

They are now show as Teltonika routers. What file do I now edit to add the new OID to show up which uses OID =

Hello, I added support for rutos-2xx. We also have new models in oue network and they are also reported as a linux. It seems that every new model has different MIB etc. I have a plan in a near future to add support for some new models. Maybe i will solve your problem too

@murrant with deleting a current way to get some rutos models we will maybe broke up support fir older models of teltonika devices. I will try to add support for some models we have few different types of teltonika

We have about 200 Teltonika 955 now showing properly after removing the description as mentioned above.

However we are searching for a way to add the light sensor that you can attach to these routers in their I\O socket.

I can snmpwalk the OID plus manually add as a custom oid but that is a lot of work. Plus we want it on the front dashboard of each device where the other information is like dBm.