Testers required for sensors polling performance improvement

Hi Folks,

We’ve refactored the polling code for sensors to perform bulk snmpgets rather than individual ones (defaults to 10 but you can change this per device / globally). I’ve only got access to limited kit to test on - mostly Cisco based and it works fine there.

Now I need some guinea pigs / volunteers who are willing to try the branch out!

This will make some changes to your mysql table - this is NOT reversible by default so if you try this branch and then go back to yours then you will most likely break your sensor graphs. When you run this branch we update a lot of the OIDs in the sensors table to be in the format we expect - at present we have varying standards which are wrong and need to be centralised.

I’ve seen a 50% performance increase on polling time for sensors with this but it needs testing outside of a Cisco environment.

Catch me on irc if you have any questions / issues.