Threshold Alerts for "RAM Used -Sh, Bu, Ca" Variable from Detailed Memory Usage Graph

is there a way to graph the variable annotated in the Detailed Memory Usage graph titled “RAM Used -Sh, Bu, Ca”? I would like to setup alerts for linux VMs but notice that my only options are to chose from Physical or Virtual memory, which don’t accurately represent this value. maybe i’m missing something or there is a different way to obtain this value?

any suggestions? i’m new to Libre and can’t seem to find any way to edit/add flags to annotate this specific value for alerting. i might be totally missing something though.


LibreNMS alerts are mysql based, so only values in the database are elegible for alert rules.

In database, the only values stored are physical, virtual and swap.

This has been on my wish list for a long time. Go check if there is a feature request and vote it up.