Toner level alert rule


I want to create a new alert rule to alert me when my printers toner level is low than 15%.
I tried the next Entity options: “%toner.toner_capacity = “=<15” && " | " %toner.toner_capacity <= 15% &&” - but without any success…

What is the right \ recommended steps to create that kind of rule ?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


%toner.toner_current <= 15

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Thanks for your answer @Kevin_Krumm !

But unfortunately it’s still not alerting me.

This is a screenshot of my rule:

What I’m doing wrong???

I’ve forgot to say, just for testing my alert I’ve configured the toner level to 50%. (all my toners level is currently above 15% right now…

not sure but capacity will not work because that value is always 100%
the toner.toner_current should be the value of the current toner supply.

maybe try

%toner.toner_current < 50


Worked like magic!

Tnx @Kevin_Krumm! for your time and your quick help. :slight_smile:

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