TP-Link Switch PoE

Just recently got a PoE Switch(T1600G-28PS v3.0) and was hoping to be able to graph the PoE stats in LibreNMS. I added $config[‘enable_ports_poe’] = 1; to my config.php but that didn’t show any new graphs.

discovery.php -
poller.php -
snmpbulkwalp -

Did some digging and this is the output of the OID related to PoE on TP-Link Switches -

For now I just have a PoE device on port 9 so the power usage is output in the walk as

iso. = INTEGER: 525

In the web ui for the switch it displays that as 5.3 and the column title is Power (W).

If more info is needed to update the TP-Link switches to show PoE let me know and I should be able to provide it.