Traceroute visibility in UI

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Traceroute on PING failure Configuration Docs - LibreNMS Docs

I have enabled the above feature using the command “lnms config:set debug.run_trace true”.

However I cannot find anywhere within the host or the alert screens in the web UI where this trace data shows.
Can you please point me in the right direction to find this?

I’ve tested this with PING only devices to ensure the outage relates to ICMP timeouts.

I’m on the latest production update with a successful run so am sure this isn’t because the version I’m running doesn’t have the feature implemented.

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You should see another tab on the device screen - but only when the latest poll was unsuccessful due to icmp. If that’s the case, is traceroute installed and in /usr/bin/traceroute?


I can’t see any other tab, here is the view of the ICMP device that

Yes traceroute is installed in that path and the latest version.

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But is that device down due to icmp failure? It only shows the tab when that happens.


The device had gone offline and came back online.
Does the tab only appear while it is offline and the data not visible after?

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I think so yes

Hi @laf

Thanks for confirming.

That’s a shame because the benefit of getting this data is to compare if there’s been a route change or to see which hop responded last/had a failure.

Is there any way to persist the data or view the historic results?

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HI @laf

I’ve had another device planned to be offline today and still can’t see the traceroute tab:

I’ve also tested running a traceroute from the shell and it works successfully.
Any ideas or pointers on how to diagnose?

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You are indeed correct, this is a bug, I’m submitting a fix now.

Awesome @laf thanks for the update.

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HI @laf and @Jellyfrog

Thanks for the update on this, just to confirm that it’s now showing a traceroute in the frontend.
Is there an opportunity to save the previous x number of traceroute outputs for comparison which would be excellent intel when diagnosing faults and network change?

For anyone else reading the thread, the traceroute shows in the ‘Overview’ screen under ‘Device Info’ and ‘Device Groups’.

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Yes that’s possible - I don’t have time to do it right now though. I’d suggest posting it in the feature requests section