Traffic bill alert to customers

hi all, we use traffic bill. we look for a alert rule, what send overtraffic information to customers email only, not to all custoemrs in same time. how can we configure it? if we add contact type “owners”, all customers get the alert message in same time and in cc, thats not good.
as trffic rule i have for exsample: SELECT * FROM devices,ports,bill_ports,bills WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = ports.device_id AND ports.port_id = bill_ports.port_id AND bill_ports.bill_id = bills.bill_id) AND ((((bills.total_data/bills.bill_quota) * 100) >= 80) && bills.bill_type = “quota”) = 1
and transport my transport alert.

hope you can help here. best regards

hi yes, this was fixet, but on overtraffic all get email not only the owner of billport. i would send email with overtraffic warning only to owner and to administrator. not to all users thats have a bill port. understand ? regards

Did you set the mail transport to “Owner(s)”?

i would send to owner and a copy to administrtor email what i insert,

hi @murrant i have set bcc enabled and use owner(s), but i can not set a admin email as bcc copy, administrator dont know if traffic was over only owner (user) self. well if owner(s) are active, i cant set a admin email in field email :confused:

normal owner(s)/User must get her own email not all emails and admin adress a bcc copy
and who can i see over traffic of last month in billing tool?