Traffic bill calculation


I’m experiencing an issue with the traffic bill calculation. I have 1 traffic bill with 2 network interfaces (my WAN uplinks), it has been set as a quota bill and starts on day 1 which matches the start date of the datacenter traffic calculation.

The traffic bill shows a number which doesn’t match the bandwidth consumed by the interfaces in it, it should be higher:

As you can see the summary is listed as 6.96 TB consumed whereas the actual usage is 8.0 TB.

The first interface has transferred 5.09 TB:
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The second interface has transferred 2.91 TB
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The 8.0 TB usage matches with the usage meter of the datacenter.
Have I misunderstood the calculation of the traffic bill or is there something incorrect in the calculation itself?

Image with 5.09 TB

Image with 2.91 TB

Seems as though you have set the bill to max in/out, but you want aggregate.

Isn’t that option only for the CDR 95th? I’m using quota for my bill.

Is there anyone else with an idea what’s happening here?

Seems as though no one has wanted that option before enough to contribute code.

Sorry for my ignorance, I think I’m not getting where this breaks. Both interfaces have a total number which are in the same traffic bill, only the bill summary is not using these numbers as it doesn’t add up.

Have I misinterpret the idea of the billing module and its configuration?

There is no issue. Just what you are expecting is not implemented because I guess people don’t really bill ports that way.

The quota billing supports calculating the highest usage between in and out and always uses that.

You seem to want one that adds both in and out together and uses that as the value. This doesn’t seem to exist in LibreNMS.