Traffic spike question and possibly a feature request

I already have the script to run the command to remove the traffic spikes once the interface is found, which is why I’m here…is there a faster way to find the problematic interface?

For example, I’ll use a 48 port switch as the device in this use case. When I monitor a 48 port switch, the traffic overview graph (the default graph) shows the traffic for all interfaces with different shades of purple/green for each interface. This is great as a quick view, but when one of the interfaces spikes to 14gb and throws the graph out of perspective, I have to find the interface that spike (or the few that spiked) and run the script/command to remove the spikes. This works great when you know the actual interfaces, but finding the interface(s) is the time consuming part. Since there are only two colors used, green and purple, it is hard to figure out which interface caused the spike.

This brings me to a feature request…can unique colors be used for each interface? Of course if this were implemented, it should be off by default to keep the current interface colors as is. I’m only requesting this because I’m not sure if there is another way to find which interface has spiked.