TRENDnet Switch Addition


I’m trying to set up a new device (TRENDnet TEG-S80ES). Was able to add the yaml file, have it detect the switch … based on sysDescr, as sysObjectID is not reported => I have flagged that to the vendor, but it’s not a showstopper.

I also added the MIB files (provided by the vendor), to the mibs directory (new sub-directory created). But - LibreNMS is not detecting the ports on the device, though Netstats is finding information.

I’m just not sure - what info is used to find / detect the ports? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

BTW, I did chec here, but not finding the info (though I could have missed it).

Never mind! … :smile:

Found it - and for others, this may help … watch snmpbulkwalk. Set nobulk to true, and good now.