Tried to add Meraki devices, broke everything

Hey guys! I’m still pretty new to this so sorry if this is dumb.
I have a few Meraki devices I was trying to add, and I ran across this script:
./scripts/new-os.php -h 101 -o test-os -t network -v cisco
In trying to look at what the pieces were that I needed, I executed it, and didn’t think anything of it.
Now all my windows, linux and other devices are showing as cisco network devices now.
How do I undo this?
How do I safely add my Meraki firewall?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You just add it - use the gui. Do not touch that script. Note also that Meraki, near as I can tell, does not support AES in v3 - use DES.

As for you other issue… man. Look for files that were created at that time in /includes/definitions/ /includes/definitions/discovery/ and /tests/snmpsim/. Also in /mibs. Deleting those might help.

That worked.
Thank you! You’re a life saver!