Trigger specific device poll via API


It would great adding manual poll trigger for specific devices.
Suggested API endpoint

current CLI implementation
bash-5.1# ./poller.php -h

Here’s an example scenario

1- Before change, a python script triggers a poll for device. script saves let’s say interface values, bgp neighbors etc.
2- change is done via ansible, nornir etc…
3- script manually triggers another poll, wait for a few seconds until poll is done ( can be confirmed from last poll in get device api )
4- read new values and confirm operational data is as expected, compared to previous operational data polled before change.

of course the alternative is either waiting total 10 more mins if a single poll cycle is 5 mins ( before and after ) or get that data with SSH which defies the whole purpose of getting the data from librenms via SNMP( convenience )