Trying to monitor 50K+ devices

Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to monitor a bit more than 50K devices. Is there a reference guide that I can use to figure out how many servers do I need? and/or how to break the roles for better performance?


Yes, check here

What type of devices? This will make a huge difference alone.

We monitor about 4.5-5k devices with the majority (3k ish) being Cisco ASAs. They poll within < 2 seconds so volume won’t really impact us until we get to a really high number. If they were all Cisco ASRs or Nexus boxes then we’d need more pollers than we currently have as they take 5-10x that to poll.

We sue mikrotik APs and Cisco APs as well Cisco Controllers and Cisco Switches. What poller’s are you using? do you have a copy of your config?

My config is the example docs for distributed polling as I wrote the docs :slight_smile:

You are definitely going to need a lot of resources to do what you want with LibreNMS. You should tune the hell out of it + be extremely selective on what data you want to poll.