Trying to troubleshoot an alert timing firing incorrectly (LibreNMS + VO)

./validate.php output=

Trying to figure out how LibreNMS fires an alert as it was about 4 hours late for a single device. Does the firing depend on the timing of the device itself calculated from the difference grabbed in php.ini time setting (I’ve verified it’s correct)? Time on-device, which will be fixed, is about 7 hours ahead from current EST time but I’m curious where to start looking.

First of all fix the validate error.

Time issues are always timezone related, validate would normally pick this up but double check it still.

Yep, checked timezone and it’s correct. Does the devices time have any bearing on it or is it solely by what time-zone is configured in the PHP directory.

Device time has nothing to do with it. If it’s not timezone related then do you have something set for delay in the rule?