Turn on NAC support globaly

I have added the Config line to Config.php.
I have run validate.php, without any errors.
When I select a Cisco switch with NAC enabled. NAC tab isn’t enabled.
In module Config it says global Config is unset and the module is disabled. I can then manually enable NAC module on each switch, but I like to do this globally, can you guide me on howto do this.

Best Regards Mogens

Post what you put in config.php


Details how to enable globally, per OS, or per device.

Keep in mind not all devices may support the correct MIB (or might restrict snmp agent access)

Hi Kevin

Here is the config lines in config.php

//Config to enable NAC
$config[‘enable_ports_nac’] = 1;

And below is the result in modules on the cisco switches.

I have to enable the support manualy on each switch.

Best regards Mogens


I can’t find anything about the new module in that link.

Best Regards Mogens

Information in the Pull Request seems wrong, you need to enable it by with:

$config['poller_modules']['nac'] = true;

Thanks alot, seemed to do the trick :slight_smile:

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