Turning on Force ip to sysame will make World map go blank

So i would like to see the sysname instead of the IP address because we use this in our NOC and some people don’t have an idea what the IP addresses are. So i go into the config.php file and put in $config[‘force_ip_to_sysname’] = true; and the World Map that we had with our our GPS coordinates go white or blank.
If i go back into the config.php file and turn force ip to sysname back to false the world map will work again.
Is there a way to fix this so i can use both?

I have the same on in my config.php and world map is loading fine for me.

Post exactly how you have in config.php could be syntax error.

$config['force_ip_to_sysname'] = true;

Here is where i put it.

Can you post the error from your librenms.log?